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Frequently asked questions

Question symbol I have type 2 diabetes and require injections daily.<br>Can I still live at Westminster House Robina?
Answer symbol Yes, all we require is that you can live independently and don't rely on us say for medications.<br>We are always there to help if needed.
Question symbol I am not a pensioner yet. I still work for a living.<br>Can I live at Westminster House?
Answer symbol Yes of course
Question symbol Can my bill at Westminster House be paid automitacally from my pension?
Answer symbol Yes, we prefer it that way as we still get paid when you are say on holidays somewhere. All that is left up to you is to pay for your phone calls and in stage 2 for the electricty.
Question symbol If I am on holidays at my sister's, do I get a discount for the time?
Answer symbol Yes if you tell us in advance when you will be away and the absence is more than 2 days.<br>Telling us AFTER you have returned is, we are afraid not good enough!
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